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As We Grow Adult Family Home Welcomes You


Growing Towards Quality Change

As We Grow Adult Family Home is a licensed adult family home in the state of Wisconsin. We are licensed to serve a maximum of four adult residents men or women. The client groups we serve are developmentally disabled, emotionally ill/ mentally ill, AODA and advanced aged. We was formed to help individuals maximize their full ability in a caring , compassionate and honest environment; to foster independence and enable each person to be integrated into the community in which they are apart of. We value and respect each residents rights and promote growth and independence within each resident. 


The Focus of Our Efforts

Assisting the Elder

Spacious Bedrooms


Smart Tvs

Patient and Nurse

Close proximity to shopping malls, stores, parks, restaurants and more!

What We Offer 


Employment Opportunities

Would you like to help out and be a part of our community? We offer employee opportunities for caregivers and resident managers. Please contact us to get more information about these opportunities below.

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Contact Us
Phone Number: 844-927-9347
Location: 635 James Ct
West Bend, WI 53095

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